Pine’s „From” and „Reply-To” headers trick

Today, I was wondering how to manually enable the “From:” field using Pine (Messaging System).

Customized-hdrs comes with help (M Main menu – > C Config. -> customized-hdrs From: Name Lastname <email@domain>) option. This option does not explicitly show the „From” field, but only changes the header. What if you would like to change the header without mixing up with the pine’s configuration every time?

Situation: One need to send a forwarded message to a group and does not want to have replies for individual e-mail address, but wants to ensure that replies will be send to the original sender of the message.

To do this there are at least two ways:

Hard way. Have to do this every time:

  1. Paste the text that you want to send to all users in the new message.
  2. Postpone the message (^O)
  3. Quit pine (Q) and edit manually the header “From”, then save the message
  4. Open pine and use compose (C) to resume (y, when asked) to resume to the postponed message

Easy and simple way. Configure it once and use frequently.

  1. Use standard customized-hdrs (read above)
  2. When composing the new message use the ^R (Rich Header) function
  3. Change the “From:” header field
  4. Send the message (^X)

As I said, easy and simple. Remember that changing “From” field can be used if the system administrator configured the mail server with permissions to change headers. This function is tricky so you have to make sure that you fully understand what you are doing.

Let’s keep in touch pine’rs :-)


I have found even easier solution, here. Again Customized-hdrs have to be used:

  1. Define in Customized-hdrs : Reply-To: Name Lastname <email@domain>
  2. While composing message use ^R (Rich Header) function
  3. Change the value of Reply-To header

Remember: „PINE gives us the power we need to crush those who oppose us…”

Hope you liked it.


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