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Hi everyone,

Today I would like to write about a problem that rather touches, pretty much, everyone. Because of our lazy nature, we have problems with cleaning. Especially, something that we do not have to – that is just what most of us use to think, as it comes to mail boxes. One can have a lot of e-mail boxes and collect as many e-mail as you can get. The problem starts when we have to waste our precious time, for really stupid things, like waiting until our mail box to opens up? Imagine (or you do not have to imagine, because you have it already)…

Archiving e-mails can be really simple if you know how to do it right.

Ok. Now the real life situation – as it turns out really common. I am using pine, INBOX e-mails are in mbox format and send-mail and others are in MAILDIR format. My pine started to read the e-mails slower and slower as the INBOX and other folders got bigger and bigger.

Here is a simple solution which I have found recently in one of the linux newspapers: ARCHIVEMAIL. It is based on python and works fast.

If you have python (>= 2.3), than the installation is easy as A…B…C

Here is typical line command:

archivemail -d 30 -o mail-archived PATH

This would archive e-mail older than 30 days to directory called mail-archived. You can use -n to „dry-run” – just show what would be done.


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