Hi there „admin’s coffee” blog Readers,

Since I have started traveling a lot, because of my current job, I have decided to start a new page. I hope you will like it and it will give you some tips for the future…


Turku, Finland 20.11.2010
Not a big airport…really. From the terminal to the bus stop, I have been walking in a slippery snow with two bags. Funny, right? I don’t think so…Anyways, one can get to the center of the city by bus no. 1. Only 2,50 Euro/adult. Taxi is around 30 Euros. Finally I got to the hotel – Sokos Hamburger City Bors – nice and clean. I recommend it. In the evening I went to grab a bite in the restaurant Bossa – I read on the plane about that one (rated 4/5 live music and „best place in Turku”). Well, I won’t say anything today, because there was no open table – SATURDAY NIGHT. I spent around 30 minutes to find another place. It is called „FRANSMANNI” and the funniest thing is that the restaurant was 1 min. away from the hotel. Silly me! I should have go there in the first place.

Dish: Traditional pepper steak (Well done, Grilled beef tenderloin 150g, pepper sauce, shiitake mushrooms, roast garlic and garlic potatoes) + wine: Mouton Cadet Rouge.
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Very nice service. Excellent wine and tasty steak. Why 8/10? Maybe because I haven’t stayed for a dessert 😉

Tomorrow Helsinki …


2 Responses to “Travel and Dining”

  1. Październik 25, 2011 o 5:34 pm

    🙂 i jak sie Helsinki podobaly 🙂 pozdrawiam


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